JELLE HAS A VISION. Together with his girlfriend Birgit, he wants to build a center for people suffering from "Traumatic Brain Injury TBI". Them being both affected, they want to bring in their own experience and personality to help others improving their life. Big visions need big money, and they are fully committed to raise it.  

JELLE HAS A GOAL. It's unbelievable how far Jelle has come already with his mindset, his discipline and his family and friends. But still, he knows this is not the finish yet. He is intensively working on his recovery. As costs are not always covered by any insurance company, he finances them by working as a keynote speaker, selling his book and running the fan shop. A third pillar are donations from his loyal fans and supporters for which he is eternally grateful and wants to give the support back by building the planned TBI-Center. 

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